Friday, July 24, 2009

Wrong Number

I think I may qualify for the "Most Addle Brained Woman" award! I sign up for a blog of my own, pick a hard to crack password, and the whole deal. I was smart enough to write all the information down somewhere and addle brained enough to have no idea where I placed it, and so I was locked out of my own blog for a while!

I finally found it this morning, so now I'm back. I'm sure no one else is plagued with problems like that.
I have been busy getting ready for a new school term. Since I create my own science lessons I like to get a head start and have lots of lessons ready and waiting by the time we officially start another year of home schooling next month.
I have tried to use science text books and follow their teachers manuals, but it was so ... blah! So now I take the textbook, study the subject and dig through information on the Internet and library and then create my own workbooks and add a lot of fun hands on options. The kiddos love it, and are learning much more than if I would have doggedly stuck to what is available. Who knows, maybe someday I should get them published for other homeschooling parents to use.
On quite another subject... This morning I was doing my normal routine of getting my house under control and swiping energetically at errant dust bunnies in my bedroom, when my cell phone alerted me that I have a text message. I checked it. A message from a number I didn't recognize asking me what I was doing.
"Strange," I thought "but then since we switched over to all cell phone only, and disconnected our land line a lot of our friends have started calling with their cell phones." I wasn't about to say I'm cleaning the bedroom so I just messaged back. "Working." They then proceeded to text more and I kept answering, I still hadn't figured out who it was and apparently my answers were weird enough the other person finally asked if I am Elmer. I had to giggle, as unbecoming as that is for someone my age I couldn't help it. Instead of Elmer, whoever it was, had spent the last five minutes texting a stay at home mom.
Texting is great sometimes, but a call works much better if you have the wrong number. Much more time efficient. (And less humorous.)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I am glad you were able to get back into your blog! We recently changed our cell phone company and now have new numbers. We get weird texts all the time lol =)

  2. I had been checking your blog for new posts - I'm glad you are back!!! I notice your "followers" are missing as are mine and a few of my blog friends. Hopefully Blogger gets that corrected soon. That is so funny about your "Elmer" call. I've been chasing dust bunnies too - cleaning out closets. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  3. But the humor in it was GREAT! Don't you love it when material writes itself?! And don't feel too addle brained. If I ever lose my password book or cellphone, my life is essentially over. If no one calls me back that'll be it!

    Hey, thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving a comment. :)

  4. Hi!!! I'm so glad you stopped by my new blog! I'm Bethrusso from Snoozin Pooches and then I started The imPerfect Housewife blog, so I used to follow your Xanga blog. I clicked on it a few times and it said it had been shut down by the owner and I was so bummed. I am so glad you're back and on Blogger - I remember reading your blogs about the 100 things you've done and you killed your own dinner, remember that?? Hope to keep in touch and I'll talk to you soon ~

  5. Funny-I did the same texting game with someone one day.
    Glad you found your password--I HAVE to write that stuff down;today there are just so many numbers and letters to remember it's crazy! Yes, that's my excuse. ha.

  6. Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! Hope you don't mind that I came to visit you too! Very pretty images! Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. That's so funny about loseing your password. But oh so frustrating! I'm always losing things like that.

  8. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. If I'd been in the same predicament over the computer I would have flipped. Here's a tip, use post-it notes and stick them on the screen. I also have post-it notes for computers, they're a blessing if I want to note something in a hurry. They're free too, which is even better.
    I admire you for home teaching. It must be hard work.
    Finally, I love your pictures.
    Catch you later.

  9. Hi again! I just posted my very first giveaway and you're already entered because you're a follower. :) Hope you're doing well ~ And if I'm not mistaken, aren't you expecting a little one? Do I remember that from your last blog, or am I not remembering correctly?? Yes, it's NONE of my beeswax, but was just wondering and hoping all is well ~

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog. Cute story.


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