Friday, August 21, 2009

Playing With Food

I love creating fun things with food, but I am the kind of person that has to have someone else think of it first before I do it too. I found these cute projects that I want to try before long.

Now who says playing with food is a No-No? I am so wishing I could have thought of these cute food characters first!
Who knows, cauliflower and olive sheep might be a way to get my kiddos to eat two foods they detest!


  1. I think this idea is an incredible idea. I'd love to pinch it for a WI activity. I'm sure kiddies wouldn't be able to resist them. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. These are absolutely darling! I've never seen anything like them....=) I'm like you, I don't have many original ideas..but I can add my own flavor to ideas and come up with 'me'. Not with food though!!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you will come back and 'see' me often..I'll be back to visit later. My husband is off today...we are going to the stained glass shop for some help & supplies soon here...I'm only on line to check out my library books and saw your comment=). Have a nice day! Maggie Ann from Knitting Kat

  3. SO cute!!! I remember seeing something in a magazine that my friend actually made and it turned out ADORABLE - it was an igloo somehow made out of cream cheese or something and little black olive penguins. I'm sure you could google it, but I've never attempted it. Go for it - then show us the results!!! What an adorable idea, especially with kids (although I'd probably want them to just watch) ha ha. Take care ~ ♥

  4. What an incredible idea making these cute decorations with food. You are a very talented person. Have a wonderful week.


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