Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Apparent You're A Parent

It's apparent you're a parent when you willingly sit out in the yard for an hour on an overturned 5 gallon pail after your have paid your kiddos for a small scrap of paper with the words "Mom pail 1" written on it. Beside you is your husband sitting on another pail holding his scrap of paper that says "Dad pail 2"

It is the annual backyard circus / rodeo. Trust me, it would be a weekly event if it would be up to the kiddos. But once a year is about all we can handle and still stay sweet. They had foot races and bike riding. There were supposed to be acts involving our pets but that didn't work out. Apparently the practice sessions were all they could handle and they very wisely went and hid themselves until the whole thing was over. The kiddos all went looking for them after instructing us to wait until they get back. They finally gave up and the show continued without the dog and cat parts.

They sang a few songs they had written, and had a parade. They all dressed up in old tattered clothes they had hoarded and saved for this event.

Once it was over we clapped politely and went inside heaving a sigh of relief that it will be a year before the next one. It does get a bit better every year so who knows someday we might invite others to see it too.


  1. What good parents you are...and what great memories your children will carry through life!

  2. You are wonderful parents to have the rodeo with the children. It sounds like a lot of fun and I'm sure the children loved it. They will always remember the fun times with their parents.


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